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Mobile radio station Aupeo in partnership to let marketers reach over 40 countries

Aupeo mobile radio ads

Aupeo! is enabling mobile radio advertising in 40-plus countries

Mobile radio station Aupeo has teamed up with mobile adverting company Smaato Inc. to deliver mobile advertising across 40 countries. 

Aupeo will leverage Smaato's mobile ad optimization platform SOMA to insert relevant ads into mobile users' favorite radio stations and preferred music genre. Smaato’s connection to more than 60 leading ad networks globally will enable Aupeo! to implement mobile advertising more broadly.

“Aupeo is currently active in 40 countries worldwide and almost half the traffic to the Aupeo service is already coming from mobile devices,” said Daniel Cox, head of sales and cooperations at Aupeo Personal Radio, Berlin, Germany. “This means the challenge is monetizing mobile reach in 40 countries without having to sign up a new partner for each country, as this would make handling rather complex.”

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“Partnering with Smaato means monetization in many more countries and relevant mobile ads for everyone,” Mr. Cox said.

The German-based mobile radio station already has experience monetizing mobile reach in Germany and other European countries.

“With growing reach outside of Europe, it was time to expand the business model to further markets,” Mr. Cox said.

Mobile radio growing
SOMA connects global mobile ad networks with mobile apps and mobile Web inventories. SOMA can be easily integrated with ad networks, ad inventory owners and third party ad technology providers through an open API.

Also, it enables publishers like Aupeo! to monetize their mobile radio stations in an engaging way.

Smaato, Redwood Shores, CA, offers support for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and more. This enables it to provide ad delivery across multiple device platforms, segments and operator networks.

The mobile radio ad platform has signed up more than 30,000 publishers in over 220 countries. 

The use of mobile to stream audio is growing. Pandora sees at least 50 percent of listening occurring on mobile devices.

Aupeo enables users to get unique, individual streams of music. Users can tune a stream by using the “love” and “ban” buttons and choose music to their mood.

“This means the service is highly relevant to users and advertisers can reach users while they are interacting with the service and are highly attentive,” Mr. Cox said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer

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