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Mobile Minutes: Barnes & Noble, financial future, Blippar on Google Glass, Mozilla


Barnes & Noble turns profit, tightens Nook's belt and dismisses buyout bid
Bookseller Barnes & Noble posted a fiscal third-quarter profit Wednesday morning that extended the stock’s recent rally, but the numbers underlying the black ink offered plenty of ammo for skeptics, per Forbes.
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Five ways mobile tech will shake up your financial future
Financial transactions have always been at the heart of our society, but growing smartphone and Internet penetration are inspiring new, disruptive approaches, CNN reports.
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First image recognition app coming soon to Google Glass
One central problem of Google Glass, besides a geeky appearance and the potential for bodily harm, is that it’s not apparent why most people would want one. Now, a startup is offering up one possibility for a killer app: the ability to recognize objects and other images you’re looking at through Google’s head-mounted computer, per Forbes.
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Mozilla promises $25 smartphone "flood"
At last year's Mobile World Congress, Mozilla launched Firefox OS to compete in a field crowded by Android, iOS, and even Blackberry. Today, the company showed off seven new commercial handsets that will be available around the world, though not in the U.S., according to PC.
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