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Mobile Minutes: $99 app, Flipboard, Yahoo, Google


How to make a No. 1 app with $99 and three hours of work
You don’t need to be a programmer to break into the App Store’s top charts. All you need is 100 bucks and a free afternoon, per Wired.
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Flipboard buys Zite from CNN to squash a rival
Flipboard, the magazine-style news reading app, is buying competitor Zite from CNN, the companies announced Wednesday, according to CNet.
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Yahoo to stop user access of services with Facebook, Google IDs
Yahoo Inc will stop letting consumers access its various online services, including Fantasy Sports and photo-sharing site Flickr, by signing-in with their Facebook Inc or Google Inc credentials, Reuters reports.
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Google, Samsung said to express Microsoft-Nokia concern to China
Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. joined Chinese mobile phone makers in expressing concern to China that Microsoft Corp.’s bid to take over Nokia Oyj’s phone business may result in higher patent licensing fees, two government officials familiar with the matter said, per Bloomberg.
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