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Mobile Minutes: Prepaid customers, fixed-line cable, Facebook, United


How AT&T and T-Mobile are ripping off their prepaid customers
Federal regulators may have approved AT&T's bid on Thursday to merge with California-based Leap Wireless, a.k.a. Cricket — a deal that will add 5 million customers to AT&T's rolls. But fans of Cricket's service may have a reason to be wary of their new corporate overlords, The Washington Post reports.
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The future for fixed-line cable? Mobile
As Cable Congress— a gathering of the world’s biggest cable operators and cable content providers— closes Friday in Amsterdam, here are some of the main takeaways, per The Wall Street Journal.
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Facebook is building a massive new business that exploits a key weakness at Apple and Google
A long time ago, Facebook launched an app store. If you didn't know that fact, don't be alarmed. People don't talk much about the Facebook App Center any more, according to Business Insider.
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United’s in-flight video streaming: More evidence that Apple won the app wars
Last month, I wrote that iOS was still the dominant mobile platform when it came to important apps. Actually, I did more than that: In my headline, I said that the smartphone app wars were over, and iOS had won. Some folks agreed with me, but plenty of others said I was being extreme, per Time.
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