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Chanel gives aspirational taste of beauty products in lip gloss-themed stickers


Chanel's Rouge Coco Gloss collection

French atelier Chanel is the latest fashion brand to create an emoji keyboard in a bid for the attention of the youth segment of the market.

Available only for iMessages on iOS devices, Chanel has designed a series of graphics to customize enthusiasts’ peer-to-peer communications. While the concept is not new, Chanel’s development of an emoji keyboard is interesting because the brand often keeps a very sophisticated and curated image.

Pucker up, Chanel
Although Chanel’s apparel and accessories marketing keeps a high-profile, the brand is often more playful with its fragrance and cosmetics campaigns. As aspirational, entry-level products, this approach likely works better on younger consumers who are just becoming familiar with the House of Chanel.

The Chanel emoji keyboard was inspired by the new Rouge Coco Gloss, a collection of moisturizing lip product available in 24 shades.

When downloaded, the Rouge Coco Gloss Chanel stickers automatically install into the GIF section of an iOS device.
chanel.rogue coco gloss emoji GIF
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss emojis 

Options include speech bubbles with phrases such as “cute,” “please” and “omg.”

Other motifs include a peace sign that spells out love, a thumbs up and a diamond balancing on the tip of a cartoon pointer finger. Others include an eye roll GIF, different lips, hearts and branded Chanel goods such as a cake, flags, stars, planes and gift boxes.

The series also offers Rouge Coco Gloss stickers and a Chanel compact. Available for iMessages on iPad and iPhone, Chanel’s stickers can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

chanel.rouge coco gloss emoji convo
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss emojis in use 

 Chanel’s branded keyboard puts the French label in the same company as Anya Hindmarch, Moët & Chandon, Michael Kors, Bloomingdale’s, Kenzo and its own creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, all of whom have released similar emoji-based efforts (see story).

For luxury brands, whose customer base tends to be more mature, this may be engaging the aspirational rather than the active purchasers.

Despite the meteoric rise in the use of emojis in marketing campaigns over the past year, marketers may be too focused on younger consumers and missing an opportunity to reach 25-44 years old with the symbols, according to a report from Appboy.

While 43 percent of consumers 25-44 years old think it is fun when brands use emojis in messages - the highest of any age group - 39 percent report that they have never received a message with emojis from a brand, also the highest of any age group.

The use of emojis by brands in campaigns has consistently grown month-over-month since last fall and has skyrocketed 609 percent from a year ago, with 2,680 June campaigns including the icons, according to a recent report from Appboy (see story).

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