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EBay, UPS in Monster’s push to mobile job hunters via Twitter


EBay, UPS and Geico are on the list of brands whose help-wanted notices will appear on Monster.com job ads on Twitter, part of Monster’s effort to win back recruiters who have turned to rival Web sites. 

Blue Shield of California, Citizens Financial, Manpower Group and T-Mobile also will be in beta with Monster Social Ads, starting Thursday. The move is part of Monster’s effort to combat the loss of business to LinkedIn and other Web sites and aggregators that put job listings from a range of sites into one location. 

This is a continuation of Monster’s strategic shift over the last year, aimed at being wherever job candidates are, and where employers may be missing out on great talent,” said Joe Budzienski, vice president of product at Monster.

Job seekers will see highly relevant job ads in their Twitter feed, which will allow potentially passive candidates to see opportunities that may encourage them to make that big move to a better job.

Social platforms 
The partnership reflects how recruiting requires the ability to harness the power of social platforms such as Twitter for job ad distribution, in addition to the more traditional sources used to reach the right candidates.

Reaching the right candidates.

The automated program will help employers become sophisticated marketers without any expertise or experience on an ads platform.

The service allows Monster’s recruiter customers to get their jobs in front of the best potential candidates faster. 

The ads will appear as a Twitter Card, which is a branded extension of a Tweet that goes beyond 140 characters, featuring enhanced branding and expanded messaging. For jobs, this may include a media element and information such as employer name, job title, salary, location, job description and hashtags.

These job ads can be found directly in job seekers’ Twitter feeds.

Same coin 
More than 200 million people have registered on the Monster Worldwide network, which spans more than 40 countries. 

Reaching out to job-seekers on mobile.

Monster was a major Internet figure in putting employment ads and workers’ resumes into searchable databases online. Its strategy is to leverage social advertising to better fit applicants to jobs.

In February it acquired TalentBin, which scans publicly posted data about potential job candidates from social networks such as Facebook as well as industry-specific sites to help recruiters find candidates. 

“Social has fundamentally changed the way a variety of industries and practices get their message out to the world,” said Yoni Solomon, manager, marketing for Chicago-based Vibes. “It's only natural that recruiters would follow suit as well.

“Social media outlets like Twitter are one of the most popular search tools out there, so the fact that recruiters are using it to find the right candidates is encouraging — because it's very likely that their candidates are using Twitter to do the exact, same thing,” he said. 

“It's important to think of social and mobile as two sides of the same digital engagement coin,” Mr. Solomon said.

Final Take 
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York.

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Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.

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