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McDonald?s touts new McCafé Smoothie via mobile audio ads

As it continues to try different aspects of mobile advertising, McDonald?s is now using mobile audio to help spread the word out about its new McCafé blueberry pomegranate smoothie.

The company is running the audio ads within Spotify?s iPhone application. The fast food giant has used various aspects of mobile advertising such as Apple?s iAd and rich media.

"The McCafe campaign has a clear concept: Escapism," said Itai Herman, founder/CEO of askem. "Escape for a few moments a day from your ordinary everyday.

"Close your eyes, take a sip of a delicious fruity smoothie and imagine you're somewhere else," he said. "But now comes the hardest part of any concept. The execution.

"The trick of creating a gaming-based commercial is how to cleverly blur the out lines of where the game begins and the commercial ends."

Mr. Herman is not affiliated with McDonald's. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

McDonald's did not respond to press inquiries. 

New promotion
The mobile audio initiative introduces consumers to the new beverage and encourages them to explore it further.

Consumers can tap on their screen and are automatically taken to the company?s mobile landing page where they can learn about the drink, its nutrition facts, as well as browse the company?s other items.

Using mobile audio is a smart move for the company and an effective way to get a consumer?s attention.

Additionally, taking users to a mobile-optimized site to browse more information is important.

Mobile reign
McDonald?s is reigning the mobile advertising space, and is definitely a marketer to watch out for.

Just this year alone, the fast food giant has made quite an impact.

In February, McDonald?s used a mobile application and rich media advertising to get the word out about its Fish McBites products (see story).

A month later, the company propelled consumers to connect with the brand on Instagram and take pictures of their favorite meals (see story).

Most recently, McDonald?s turned to rich media again to take its mobile marketing campaign to a whole new level and encouraged consumers to learn more about its latest chicken wraps (see story).

"The idea of creatively using Google street tech with high production, fun and responsive animation is great for itself," Mr. Herman said. "The design is great and so is the artwork. In fact, all is great except for one thing - the overall experience.

"While trying to play, to navigate and enjoy the exploration the platform appears to enable, I was constantly  being pulled out of the experience, being pushed to share trifle stuff on Twitter or Facebook - stuff I see no value in sharing or provide any meaning for my friends."

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York