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Jeep leverages new ?Pull? format for more engaging ad

Jeep is promoting its 2014 My Cherokee with a new mobile ad that engages consumers by asking them to pull down the ad to expand.

Jeep partnered with Universal McCann, Celtra and Kargo to launch the IAB Rising Star Pull Down unit. The ad is running until Dec. 31 across publishers such as Bauer, Harris, CBSi and AMI.

?The Jeep brand?s strategy is to utilize industry-leading technology paired with an enhanced user experience on the evolving mobile platform, thus bringing forth an enriched brand experience to build consumer awareness and excitement around the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee,? said Amy Peet, senior digital marketing manager at Chrysler Group LLC, Auburn Hills, MI. 

?Emerging rising star mobile and tablet expandable/pull-down units encourage consumer engagement, prompted by finger stroke from a pencil banner to a full-page brand experience providing a seamless swipeable 360 [degree]-vehicle view, as well as driving traffic to the Jeep mobile site,? she said.

Pull down
The copy of the new Jeep ad first reads, ?Freedom is the 2014 Jeep Cherokee.?

Then it asks consumers to pull down on the ad to expand. When they pull down, an image of two people on the beach slides down with the ad.

Once the consumer pulls all the way to the bottom, the screen reads, ?Freedom is always taking the chance to chase the horizon,? and then an image of the 2014 MY Cherokee appears.

Consumers can then swipe for a 360-degree view of the car, and they can also click on ?Vehicle details? to be directed to Jeep?s mobile microsite for more information about the exterior and interior of the car, as well as shopping tools.

The ad is appearing on smartphones and tablets and caters to the different devices.

When the ad shows up on a tablet, it lets consumers select colors to visualize Jeep's different offerings.

Mobile Jeep
Jeep has been rolling out creative mobile ads for a while now.

For example, it recently launched a cross-channel marketing campaign for the Jeep Cherokee that ran across TV, print, social, in-theater and mobile platforms (see story).

Additionally, earlier this summer Jeep ran a banner ad within the CBS News iPad app to promote the Grand Cherokee (see story).

This new Pull ad builds on its past mobile campaigns by engaging the consumer in a more active way. Instead of simply clicking on a banner ad, consumers are asked to complete an action, pulling it down, which may be more intriguing and inviting than simply clicking.

?This is right in the Kargo wheelhouse,? said Alexis Berger, vice president of Midwest sales and corporate marketing at Kargo, Chicago. ?We were selected by UM, a division of IPG Mediabrands, to help Chrysler amplify the brand messaging around the Jeep Cherokee 2014.

?This partnership gave both UM and Kargo the opportunity to push something new to market with the first IAB Rising Star ad unit,? she said.

?Kargo did what we do so well, combine premium publishers at scale with beautiful ad creative. The engagement rates to date are beyond favorable."

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York