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Unilever's Degree races into Apple Watch marketing with fitness campaign

Unilever's Degree deodorant brand is supporting its sponsorship of a new fitness application, Sweat This Not That, with a 30-day challenge on the Apple Watch, suggesting that brands are looking to wearables marketing to connect with consumers on an-going basis through everyday activities such as working out. 

The Apple Watch has landed, and numerous applications from a variety of brands have come with it, designed specifically for the smaller mobile screen. Degree is taking its approach a step further by leveraging the benefits of the Apple Watch for an on-going program. 

"Degree is promoting the Sweat This, Not That, 30-Day Fit Moves Challenge app on Twitter, @DegreeMen, to drive awareness within our fanbase of active, sport and fitness-driven consumers," said Matthew McCarthy, senior director of deodorants and men's grooming, Unilever North America.

The app launched April 24, along with the Apple Watch, and can be downloaded on either the watch or the iPhone. Users are prompted with push-notifications to complete one challenge every day for 30 days, and receive a badge that is shareable through social media to celebrate completion of the challenge. 

Sprinting ahead
Conversation surrounding the Apple Watch, smartwatches and wearables has been at an all-time high, but the recent launch of the Apple product could possibly change everything. It is still early days for marketing on the Apple Watch, with most brands limiting their strategy to the development of their own branded app so far. 

Degree is taking a different angle by partnering with Galvanized, which created the new fitness app, to reach its users. 

Degree getting on board with a 30-day type challenge app may be hugely beneficial, especially with its use of the Apple Watch and the shares through social media. However, with the influx of fitness applications available and additional 30-day app programs, its efforts could get buried in the fitness content overload. 

According to a recent study by, 73 percent of fitness wearable-users do not plan on switching to the Apple Watch for fitness purposes. This is something that brands should consider when looking into a fitness application program. 

"As many of us know, thinking about getting fit and doing something along those lines are often two different things," said Jeff Hasen, CEO-founder of Gotta Mobilize. "Perhaps monitoring will get people off their chairs. 

"Apple is making a big bet on that with its own fitness solutions built into the Apple Watch," he said. "Why should users look further to another app? 

"What is the incentive, what is better, motivation is going to come from a deodorant company's daily tip? That does not pass the sniff test."

However, the 30-day challenge app is also available on the iPhone along with the Apple Watch. The program is also leveraging consumers? interest in snackable content, as the daily challenges are only a few minutes. 

This type of quick content is important, especially in mobile and with the Apple Watch. Studies have shown that the consumer attention span has dropped dramatically, and with the wearable, a three-second glance is the most brands will get from users. 

The Apple Watch app offers motivation and personalized challenges

Content offered on the app is also personalized to each individual user. This is something that is also very important for brands in any sort of mobile activity. 

Mobile devices are very personal, and users are looking for that personal characteristic of apps, campaigns and social content. Degree offering individualized fitness tips can draw in many consumers looking for that customized touch. 

Apple Watch Frenzy
The deodorant brand is not the only brand to foray into Apple Watch designs. Starbucks, Target and a plethora of other brands are marshaling mobile applications for the Apple Watch as the long-awaited wearable shipped Friday, offering the potential for new engagement and commerce opportunities (see more).

Apple Watch not only changes the app game, but also changes the social media sector for brands. Retailers and brands need to rethink and get a head start on how to navigate the new social world (see more).

"Degree deodorant is excited to partner with the new Sweat This, Not That, 30-Day Fit Moves Challenge app because Degree is a brand that aims to inspire people to keep moving and reach their fitness goals," Mr. McCarthy said. "Degree Deodorant has patent Motionsense technology that activates on the slightest body movements and provides superior protection against odor and wetness."

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily