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Volkwagen blends print, mobile to enable virtual test drives

Automaker Volkwagen is using an augmented-reality application to make its print campaign interactive and let mobile consumers take a virtual test drive of its new Passat model.

The automaker tapped its agency partners Mobiento and Try to power the multichannel campaign. The augmented-reality application targets users of Apple? iOS devices.

The summer version of the VW Passat print ad that is compatible with the augmented-reality app

The winter version of the VW print ad

Mobile Marketer?s Dan Butcher interviewed Fredrik Oscarson, CEO and executive creative director of Mobiento USA, New York. Here is what he had to say:

What is the VW ad creative like?
The images will change as the ad does not rely on the background, merely the road. This lets the print agency use interchangeable background images, and gives the campaign a longer lifecycle, since the background can be updated to fit the rest of the campaign, for example, seasonal roads or urban environments.

What is VW?s strategy behind launching the mobile app? How is it integrated into its overall marketing initiatives?
VW has a focus on innovations?in this campaign the innovative technical aspects of the application themselves support VW's strategy.

It is important to be first and most innovative and VW proves this by using technology that?s innovative in an  innovative way by combining an augmented reality application with magazine ads?and thereby allowing the users to test the innovations in an innovative way.

What is the target demographic?
There is no demographic goals set for this campaign, as it is meant to have the a broad appeal.

On which platforms is the app available?
Solely Apple?s iOS.

What challenges does Mobiento address for VW?
Mobiento solved the challenge of allowing the user to test drive the car without relying on visual cues in the background to trigger events?what we call ?triggerpoints.? By doing this, the user is allowed to test drive the car without any restrictions.
How are VW and Mobiento getting the word out about the mobile app?
The campaign revolves around the innovative use of print and mobile in combination, so therefore the application in marketed through the road itself, each ad not only encouraging you to download the application, but also letting the user test drive the new VW Passat in the ad itself.

Last but not least, it's important to mention that we produced this campaign in very close collaboration with VW Norway's strategic agency, called Try.

While we produced the app, they are outermost responsible for the concept and the print ad.

Final Take
VW, Try & Mobiento

CASE: Test drive a Volkswagen inside a print ad from Mobiento on Vimeo.