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Maybelline bolsters lipstick sales via iAd campaign

L?Oreal?s Maybelline is helping consumers find the perfect lipstick shade via an iAd campaign that promotes its new Color Sensational Lipcolor.

The company is running rich media banner ads via The New York Times iPhone application. The mobile ads feature a video that is meant to inspire consumers to find their ideal color.

The Maybelline mobile banner ad initially features the company?s logo. Then it interchanges to say, ?Tap To Find Your Lipcolor.?

The Maybelline iAd

The ad takes advantage of the iPhone?s unique capabilities.

Consumers can swipe through the different videos and photos and even comment on each one and read the comments from other consumers. 

Additionally, unlike many static ads, Maybelline relies on the value of site, sound and motion to show consumers the variety of lipstick colors they can buy in addition to several ways to wear it.

Consumers can watch a video

Consumers can go behind the scenes of the video and see what shade is best for their particular skin tone.

The iAd ad also lets consumers find their perfect color mood.

Consumers can browse the different lip colors

Find your color mood

This is not Maybelline?s first endeavor in mobile advertising.

Last year the company sponsored Allure magazine?s beauty iPhone application that helped readers find the perfect mascara.

Maybelline ran banner ads via the Allure Best of Beauty iShopper app. When users clicked on the ads, they were redirected to learn more about the cosmetics brand, as well as a Maybelline Mascara Finder quiz (see story).

Unlike the Allure sponsorship, the iAd campaign goes more in depth and shows that Maybelline has grown to understand the advantages of mobile advertising and the different capabilities the company can use to better engage consumers.

The iAd campaign takes advantage of the tap, swipe and interactive capabilities that the iPhone offers.