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Volkswagen highlights history of Golf vehicle via iPad app

Volkswagen is promoting its new 2012 Golf R vehicle via a new iPad application that showcases the history of the Golf model.

The carmaker tapped AKQA to develop the mobile app. The Golf R Drivers Forever iPad app is available in Apple?s App Store for free download.

?The Golf R Drivers Forever app flips the car brochure on its head by featuring the owners and enthusiasts talking about the car,? said Charlie Taylor, general manager of digital advertising at Volkswagen, Herndon, VA. 

?Exclusive videos and articles, sourced from the enthusiast community and Volkswagen specialists, cover the history of the Golf, the emphasis on performance and engineering, and the passion of its owners? which, together, define the all-new 2012 Golf R and set the car apart,? he said.

?Examples of the unique content include an interactive historical timeline of key Golf and GTI models over the years, a mini-documentary on Chip Foose, original articles from the writers at VWVortex and behind-the-scenes videos with the engineers and designers responsible for the Golf R.?

Volkswagen?s operations in the United States include research and development, parts and vehicle processing, parts distribution centers, sales, marketing and service offices, financial service centers, and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN.

AKQA is a creative agency specializing in interactive marketing.

App features
The mobile app provides an interactive narrative on the evolution of the Gold vehicle from the 1970s to present day.

Users can also browse exclusive interviews, read articles and view footage via the app.

Volkswagen decided to roll out the Golf R Drivers Forever app to celebrate and thank the brand?s community of enthusiasts and fans.

?What sets the 2012 Golf R apart from its class is the combination of impressive performance, rich heritage and evolution of the model over the past 30 years, and the passionate and devoted fan base,? Mr. Taylor said. ?We feel that it is the combination of these three factors that really define Golf R performance and put the car in a class of its own.

?As such, we want this app to be a thank you to the Volkswagen enthusiast community, as well as an introduction of the all-new 2012 Golf R to a wider audience,? he said. ?We felt that working with the fans, designers, and engineers behind the car is the most authentic and compelling way to tell this unique story.

?Plus, we know that consumers want to learn about brands and products from people they already have relationships with, so we wanted to surface those great, relatable stories, and make them easily shareable.?


Users can also browse fan testimonials and stories and look at an interactive timeline that features the history of the Golf vehicle.

In addition, there is a Golf R brochure with tech specs, a photo gallery and a 360-degree view of the car.

?It was important to us to build this application on a larger format tablet device, such as the iPad, because of the level of detail and interactivity we want to support,? Mr. Taylor said.

?The iPad is a great medium for editorial-style content, allowing users to explore and immerse themselves in the story of the Golf R,? he said. ?We also felt that the iPad matched the Golf R in terms of sleek sophistication and style, and we know that our core audience is using them.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York