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TD Bank streamlines customer service via mobile on Facebook Messenger

TD Bank is streamlining customer service by becoming one of the first banks to leverage Facebook Messenger to connect with customers for any issues or questions they have. 

Consumers with questions related to TD Bank can now message the bank during work hours through Facebook Messenger to receive speedy responses with personalization. The program is similar to a customer service phone line, but allows for a more convenient experience in which users do not have to stop what they are doing or be put on hold to ask a simple question. 

"The advantage for businesses like TD Bank is that developers have powerful API building blocks to build call center experiences that communicate to customers at just the right time with just the right channel," said Robert Fenstermacher, director of product marketing, messaging at Twilio. "It dramatically cuts the time it takes to build and maintain customer service workflows and eliminates upfront costs of infrastructure, user licenses and minimum contractual commits."

Messaging on mobile
With so many brands taking to mobile messaging applications to create a dialogue with consumers, it makes sense that banks are the next frontier. TD Bank?s use of Facebook Messenger creates an effective experience, as many banking customers like to connect with team members for insight and questions related to their accounts. 

Users can add TD Bank by searching its name within Facebook Messenger or through its Facebook page. Customers can type in their question or concern within Messenger and a TD Bank team member best suited for the content will reply within a few minutes. 

The experience means that customers do not have to put their lives on hold while waiting to speak to a representative. Now, they can casually message their inquiry and resume what they are doing while waiting for a reply, within a relatively short time span. 

The bank will continually update the messaging program to better serve the needs of customers. The program is backed by actual team members from TD Bank, which means for a more personalized and streamlined experience. 

Brands and messaging
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"Existing contact center software does not need to be ripped and replaced," Mr. Fenstermacher said "It integrates quickly and seamlessly with Twilio. 

"With Messenger, that means you can start sending and receiving text and pictures to customers who prefer Facebook Messenger as a channel and nothing has to change in the workflow of call center agents," he said.