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41pc of Super Bowl ad searches came from mobile: Google

Mobile search proved to be effective during this week?s Super Bowl XLVI with a whopping 41 percent of searches around the game?s Super Bowl advertisements coming from mobile devices, according to findings from Google.

Google monitored search results during the Super Bowl and found that consumers were especially likely to search for more information about brands after watching commercials about them. The findings also measured how smartphone searches measured up to tablet searches.

In the zone?
To analyze Super Bowl Web searches, Google looked at results for game-related searches one week before the game to compare to Super Bowl Sunday.

Mobile searches made from a smartphone increased by 2700 percent during the game compared to the week before.

Tablet Web usage increased by 970 percent.

Desktop claimed the smallest amount of growth with 200 percent.

The data is proof that consumers always have their mobile devices on hand no matter what they are doing - in this case watching TV during a big event.

For marketers, brands and publishers, this means that the opportunities to target a specific group of engaged consumers is high.

Ad keywords
?Google?s data also reveals how consumers responded to specific keywords from the game?s commercials.

During the Chrysler commercial, which featured actor Clint Eastwood, smartphone searches for his name grew 5500 percent over the course of the game.

Other popular mobile keywords during the game included Madonna, Acura, David Beckham, Jerry Seinfeld, Adrianna Lima, Doritos, Go Daddy, Ferris Bueller and Bud Light.

The keywords are all entertainment-related and show that during breaks in the game, consumers are using their mobile devices directly with marketing.

For a brand with a prominent place in Super Bowl commercials, having a mobile-first strategy benefitted them, based on Google?s results. 

In addition to searches, advertisers also tapped mobile calls-to-action in several commercials this year (see story). 

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York