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Bebe offers diamonds in exchange for user submissions sporting its denim styles

Fashion label bebe is seeking to entice fans with $20,000 worth of diamond jewelry in a contest requesting user-submitted photos of consumers wearing its denim styles.

The Wear Denim and Win Diamonds campaign focuses in on bebe?s new, domestically produced denim and uses hashtag #bebesweeps to promote the social campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through this contest, bebe is likely trying to showcase its authenticity through its local efforts by rewarding consumers for trying the products in-store and further driving in-store traffic.

?Retail is in a constant state of flux,? said Mark Choueke, global communications director at Qubit, London. ?The way consumers buy goods and services is evolving at great pace. Businesses with the vision to see the opportunities ahead are realizing that a truly personalized ecommerce operation is increasingly becoming their best marketing and sales tool.?

The appeal of cotton?
Participants are asked to create a login with bebe to enter the contest. Consumers can do this through their Facebook account or can simply enter their name, email address and gender.

Bebe is using this opportunity to recruit email subscribers in an effort to reel in shoppers permanently. 

Furthermore, those who are interested can qualify by trying on jeans and snapping a photo in a bebe dressing room, driving in-store traffic, trending topics on social media using the hashtag and overall brand awareness for bebe.

The jean styles range from $89-$109 and all have style names that highlight famous United States cities, such as Atlanta, Baltimore and Columbia.

The fashion label entices shoppers, who likely enjoy the glitz often incorporated into the brand, to buy its new denim styles for a chance to win even more glitz.

Bebe knows its audience is active on social media and smartphones, leading the brand into constant mobile and social endeavors.

Channeling mobile
?In July, bebe announced an upcoming release of a responsive mobile Web site, aimed to narrow in on personalization to propel the consumer experience.

Also prioritizing data-driven metrics, the brand will learn more about its consumers to deliver tailored content and offers through this implementation. Up until that point, the brand has maintained the majority of its sales via in-store transactions, but this move will likely give the brand the push it needs to modernize its capabilities (see story).

The brand has come a long way. In 2009, bebe launched a mobile shopping app, where consumers could browse bebe?s online offerings and place orders from within the application. At the time, the clothing retailer said that the application is a natural extension of its brand (see story).

It has taken a few years for brands to realize that apps can only carry them so far, and smartphone users have short attention spans, leading them to frequently abandoning apps.

If bebe can truly channel its mobile efforts, the label has the potential to reap success.

?The trouble ecommerce brands have is how to evolve as fast as consumers who are using multiple devices to explore and research their purchases,? Mr. Choueke said. ?Whether they?re buying clothes, holiday gifts or household goods, no two customer journeys from research-to-checkout are the same.?

Final Take?
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York