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Dove's Twitter tool aims to eliminate negative posts relating to appearances

Unilever?s Dove has partnered with Twitter to make a bigger impact for its Speak Beautiful campaign via an algorithm that tweets users an analysis of their posts. 

Users who retweet Dove?s original post announcing the new technology will receive posts from the brand and a link to a page with an analysis summary of the subject matter of their tweets regarding beauty. Dove is also demonstrating the impact its Speak Beautiful campaign has had on Twitter through these analysis pages, and is hoping the new tool will make a lasting positive impression on consumers? mind.

?Dove research shows 8 out of 10 women encounter negativity on social media that can be destructive to their self-esteem; yet only 9 percent of women admit to participating in negative behavior online," said Jen Bremner, director of marketing at Dove. "Women are ?casually tweeting? comments they do not realize are hurtful, damaging, and critical to themselves and others. 

"Studies show that when women who hear friends criticize themselves, are more likely to be critical of their own appearance," she said. "In partnership with Twitter, Dove is encouraging women to reflect on the role we all play in social media body shaming.
"The #SpeakBeautiful Effect is an in-app experience within Twitter that ?reads between the lines? of our tweets to reveal the emotional impact our online words can have on ourselves and others. It offers an easy, digestible way to analyze personal behaviors and identify areas of improvement when women are sharing messages online."

Tools on Twitter
The new Twitter tool is meant to further Dove?s Speak Beautiful campaign, which launched last year and is aimed towards making women tweet more positively about themselves. Dove and Twitter partnered up following a study that Twitter performed, discovering women are 50 percent more likely to make negative comments about themselves around the Oscars than the rest of the year (see more). 

Users that retweet Dove?s post ?RT this tweet to get your own custom Twitter analysis from our new tool?the #SpeakBeautiful Effect,? are automatically entered to participate in the campaign. Participants will immediately receive a tweet from Dove informing users the brand is in the process of analyzing their profile and to keep a lookout for the results. 

When the algorithm is finished, the user receives a tweet with a link to his or her summary with a personalized sentence based on results. For instance, if they algorithm picked up more positive words on social media, Dove will make note in its tweet such as ?on social media, your confidence is inspiring.?

Dove?s Speak Beautiful page features a list of popular negative and positive words regarding beauty such as smile, love, like, ugly, fat and hate. The analysis counts how often the user posts with these common words in regards to beauty. 

Dove social media 
A social media share button is included in the page for users to expand the reach of the campaign. Dove also includes a wide range of statistics to display the growing issue of body shaming and low-self esteem posts on social media. 

While a number of brands have jumped on the emoji bandwagon, Dove also hoped to corner a still-untapped area with strong consumer interest via a new keyboard featuring a wide range of hair types (see more).

?The development of this new technology is helping Dove to fulfill its brand mission to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety," Ms. Bremner said "We know social media bombards women and girls with messages that are hurtful and destructive to their confidence. 

"As a global beauty brand committed to reaching more than 17 million girls with self-esteem education, we believe it is our responsibility to inspire change for women and girls on social media," she said. "Body-shaming has sadly become a normal part of today?s online interactions, but sometimes we do not realize the role we are playing in that conversation. 

"The good news is that we all have the opportunity to make a difference. Dove and Twitter have partnered again to design the #SpeakBeautiful Effect to give women and girls personalized insight into their tweets and the emotional impact they can have on themselves and others.?