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Allrecipes transforms into mobile-first social platform

Meredith Corporation's digital food hub Allrecipes unveiled a new vision this week, shifting its properties towards a responsive, omni-screen and personalized experience that puts users first, reflecting the growing trend of media brands trying to evolve into social hubs. 

The recipe finder has completely transformed into a social media domain with a mobile-first attitude, in which users can search, save and interact with recipes from other at-home cooks. The newly designed Web site integrates with users? social media accounts. 

"We have been innovating in this space for almost two decades," said Stan Pavlovsky, president of Allrecipes, Seattle, WA. "So this is just a culmination or continuation of that innovation. 

"Based on the trends happening within in the industry, we really wanted to make that this experience is cross-screen, so now it is completely seamless and responsive," he said. "We wanted to sure that we help cooks connect to one another in a much more meaningful way and we wanted to make sure it is a personalized experience."

One-stop shop
Allrecipes is seeking to become a one-stop destination for consumers looking to create their home cooked meals. The new social hub allows for users to search, cook, rate and shop recipes in one place. 

The Web site is designed with mobile in mind, so consumers are able to travel from desktop to mobile with little issues, and be able to continue their experience. For the amateur at-home chef, mobile is essential as these devices are able to move with the user through all stages of the cooking process. 

The new site congregates a news feed based on users? past history and no two home pages will be the same. Similar to other social media platforms, the consumer can follow other users, whose content will be featured in their newsfeed. 

Users are able to save recipes they are interested in, indicate if they have completed it, review it and share it through Facebook. While completing the recipe the Web site shows retailers within the consumer?s area, which are selling products needed for the instructions. 

Allrecipes new homepage is completely individualized per user

When finished with a recipe, the user can click the Did You Make it button, in which Allrecipes will share with followers on Facebook, save it to the individual completed recipes list and allow them to comment on that particular item. Users who have not completed cooking an item will not be able to leave a review. 

Allrecipes is focused on serving the most relevant content to consumers, and weeding out unhelpful comments is a key factor. 

Responsive feedback
With a significant number of mobile users on Meredith Corp.?s Allrecipes purchasing groceries within 24 hours, the publisher acquired Grocery Server to deliver native placements focusing on brand and retail offers for relevant items that are available nearby, which was crucial to this redesign (see more). 

Meredith?s move forward to re-launch Allrecipes with responsive technology was ideal for creating the necessary cross-channel experience for the brand. 

Research conducted since Google?s mobile-friendly requirements went into effect in April shows that marketers without a big smartphone audience are being impacted, as even desktop rankings take a hit when a site is not responsive (see more). 

"One thing that is very different about us is that most food sites are very prescriptive, very editorial driven and expert driven," Mr. Pavlovsky said. "With us, it is all about peer feedback. 

"Peer feedback is the most trusted form of feedback, particularly with millennials," he said. "On the social media side, most of those experiences today inspire you but they are very fragmented. 

"At Allrecipes when you get inspired we help you with tools and utility across that cooking continuum. We help you plan, we help you shop, we help you cook and ultimately, we help you share and celebrate."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer