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Nobel Museum gets VR treatment in new exhibit

The Nobel Museum, to celebrate Nobel Week which coincides with the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, is unveiling its newest attraction at the Nobel Museum which uses virtual reality to explore physics and cosmology.

The exhibit, Exploring Matter, takes viewers through a world of physics and science. The exhibit makes use of virtual reality provided by HTC?s Vive platform. 

"The Nobel Museum is extremely happy about the collaboration with HTC regarding the development of a VR experience where the Nobel Prize in physics will be visualized," said Dr. Olov Amelin, director of the Nobel Museum.

Exploring Matter
The Nobel Prize Ceremony is a huge international event and usually marks the celebration of vanguards at the forefront of many notable fields.

These people are some of the cutting edge luminaries in their fields and the Nobel Prize is often seen as a symbol of one?s presence leading their respective area.

It is fitting then that the Nobel Museum would be one of the first museums to make use of an exciting new technology for an innovative exhibit.

Nobel is tapping into the power of virtual reality thanks to its partnership with HTC and its popular Vive VR platform.

This partnership allows the Nobel Museum to unveil its latest exhibit ? Exploring Matter.

The exhibit takes viewers through the world of matter ? the fundamental building blocks of the universe ? and uses virtual reality. 

Exploring Matter will debut at the Nobel Museum in Dubai in February 2017. Visitors to the museum will explore the exhibit thanks to a mobile application developed in partnership with HTC that will guide them through their journey.

Virtual reality
Virtual reality is a perfect fit for the museum experience, giving visitors an immersive way to experience the exhibits and bringing them closer to the ideas and histories they have come to see.

The other prominent use of VR in a museum setting in recent months has come from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, which introduced a VR mobile app that let consumers travel inside a giant heart, or travel through space (see story). 

These kinds of experiences are just one way that VR has been a prominent marketing tool since its resurgence over the past few years. Some entertainment brands, such as 20th Century Fox, have been using it to promote new movie experiences (see story). 

"We're thrilled to partner with the Nobel Museum as they join virtual reality ecosystem, recognizing the power of VR to deliver memorable and lasting experiences," said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport and senior vice president of VR at HTC. "We believe that the mysteries of space and physics can best be explained when you experience the breakthrough achievements of Nobel Prize winners in VR - imagine being there when the Big Bang happens, or view the Northern Lights up close."