FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - leanStream & Media Sales Lab join forces to strengthen, expand and scale full-service digital audio offering for publishers and advertisers.

Toronto, ON, July 10, 2017 – Principles from leanStream and Media Sales Lab are pleased to announce today that the two companies have merged effective June 1, 2017. The new company, which will retain the name leanStream, combines Canada's largest audio ad network in Media Sales Lab with leanStream's global audio streaming network of 400+ radio stations to provide a powerful single source for publishers and advertisers to connect with online audiences.

This transaction brings together two different, but highly complementary businesses. The combined business will benefit from leanStream's expertise in audio streaming and Media Sales Labs leadership in Canadian digital audio advertising. As a result, publishers and advertisers will benefit from an enhanced set of solutions to meet their current and future needs, including new revenue creation opportunities and broader access to premium inventory in the short term, and the introduction of new digital audio advertising solutions in the mid to long term.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Media Sales Lab, as this merger presents significant new value to our customers. Now, in addition to providing premium streaming services we can begin to help our customers fulfill the promise of digital audio as a source of one-to-one revenue creation." said David Huszar, president of leanStream and Chief Operating Officer of the new company.

"We are fully committed to the development of digital audio sales as a source of revenue for broadcasters, music streaming services, podcasters, and high-value audio inventory placements for advertisers. The merger with leanStream provides us with shared resources and powerful new tools to better serve our customers and advertisers needs." said Chris Nimigon, President of Media Sales Lab and Chief Revenue Officer of the new company. 

About leanStream

leanStream is a digital audio company, dedicated to serving broadcasters and advertisers.  Our streaming solutions are chosen by broadcasters in Canada, the US, Asia and Europe who require state of the art delivery and a world-wide  network with rock solid reliability and powerful monetization, audience insight and productivity tools.  We also connect advertisers to premium digital audio ad inventory on radio stations, music streaming services, and podcasts across Canada, boasting significant scale, robust targeting and the largest audio ad network in the country.