Agent AI Launches Unlimited: First Fully-Featured, Fully-Free Customer Support CRM

Company offers its email, web, messaging, and in-app agent tools for free, to accelerate the transition from traditional systems to a future of AI-assisted support

September 19, 2017 -- Mountain View, Calif. -- Today, Agent AI, a leading provider of customer support tools, is announcing that its suite of CRM products, called Unlimited, will be made completely free, regardless of the number of agents, tickets, or customer conversations -- no fine print and no hidden fees. Agent AI Unlimited includes all the industry-standard customer support features and channels -- and more -- from ticketing queues to knowledge bases to event data, across messaging, chat, and email communication. Agent AI Unlimited gives support teams a centralized view of their customer base with rich data on customer activity, lifetime value, devices, support history and more. This enables agents to streamline case management and provide differentiated, personalized support to customers.  

Agent AI Unlimited includes the following features, completely free:

• Powerful Support CRM Platform for Customer Service Teams
• Streamlined Inbox & Queue Management
• Multi-Channel Communication (Native In-app, Web, Email, SMS, and Social)
• Unlimited Agent Seats
• User Segmentation by Lifetime Value (LTV), Country, and More
• Interactive Visualization of key customer events via the Customer Chronicle™ (purchase history, sessions, app version, platform/device, or any custom company-specific event)
• Advanced Dashboard with Activity & Ticket Statistics

Building a great AI system requires great data. Over the last few years, the industry has seen a plethora of general chatbots and AI solutions that just do not work, making customers feel like guinea pigs. It takes months of synchronous, workflow-specific data to generate custom, AI-enhanced support solutions, and Agent AI’s CRM platform has been built, from the ground up, to generate and structure such information. The platform leverages deep learning to develop AI solutions and automated chat responses unique to each customer, based on their product, messaging, documentation, and support workflow. In the meantime, the free CRM instantly saves companies thousands of dollars per year.

Agent AI has built a realistic and smooth ramp-up towards AI-assist technology, a transition that takes place over several months. Once the AI engine has learned to mimic the best agent responses, the agent can turn on Co-Pilot mode. Co-Pilot mode suggests the appropriate response to customer questions based on previous interactions, support ticket resolutions, company knowledge bases, FAQs, and data from custom selected app events. Agents can then easily accept suggestions and respond to customers with OneClickResponse™ technology. As the system and agents grow more confident, they can switch to Auto-Pilot mode. Auto-Pilot handles the estimated 50-80 percent of routine questions automatically and independently, freeing up agents to focus on more complex inquiries. If a problem cannot be confidently solved, the ticket will be automatically and seamlessly escalated to a human agent.

As customers transition from Unlimited’s manual support to the more automated Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot modes, they will be charged just $1 per agent-approved, AI-enhanced conversation.

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