New App is Changing How People are Buying Cars

Dubai, UAE, 1 November 2017Seez R is a new SMART SEARCH app that is now available in the UAE. The app uses image recognition, AI, and chatbots to automate the car search and buying process when buying a pre-owned car. Simply tell Cesar, the app’s built-in personal concierge, what car you want and let him do all the work for you.

Seez R was born out of a passion for solving problems and inefficiencies associated with the hassle of buying a car. People still spend months looking for the right car and even then, end up only seeing a fraction of the cars available in the market, thus missing out on great deals. So, Seez R wanted to answer the question: How do you make it easier to find the right car at the best possible price with one click?

Seez R, works like a search engine for cars, which allows you to search the entire car market from one place. The App takes care of the whole search process for you, makes sure you see all the cars in the market, and even negotiates great deals on your behalf – it also continues to do that daily until you find the car of your dreams.

So, launch a search once with Cesar and sit back and let him do the work for you.  For free. Cesar will find all cars for sale that match your needs and chat with their sellers on your behalf to guarantee you get your car at the lowest price possible.

If you’re just curious or planning to sell your car, you can also use Seez R to get real-time car prices and market values to know what the car is worth which will help you ask for a more reasonable price and sell it faster.

Users can also search for cars using image recognition by taking pictures of cars they spot on the street, receiving contextual location based notifications.