SOOMLA: Facebook leads ad networks offering rewarded video

Posted Jun 19, 2019

Exclusive - Pre release

SOOMLA: Facebook leads ad networks offering rewarded video

Latest insights from Soomla show that rewarded video generated the highest eCPM globally during Q1 2019, knocking out interstitials. Facebook clearly leads the ad networks offering this ad type – especially in the US.


TEL AVIV, Israel - June 20th, 2019 - SOOMLA, the industry leader in mobile ad measurement and insights released the first Monetization Benchmark report for 2019. This report provides an in-depth comparison of Monetization levels collected from hundreds of apps and a ranking of monetization providers in the mobile industry.   


By providing monetization benchmarks about first impression eCPM and overall average eCPM, SOOMLA aims to give all parties critical data for negotiating such deals. The unbiased data in these reports can be utilized by ad networks, advertisers and publishers. 


All data in the report is based on information collected through the SOOMLA platform from over 100 million users and over 2.1 billion impressions in 8 countries over the span of 3 months (Jan 2019 - Mar 2019).


The data presented by SOOMLA’s analysts is unique and not commonly accessible as the majority of mobile apps today already utilize advertising as a monetization channel, however most app developers only know the average eCPM rates that they earn, but they are not aware of what is occurring in the rest of the industry and are often not even exposed to the full data about the ads being placed in their own apps.


Yaniv Nizan, Co-founder and CEO of SOOMLA, said:

“SOOMLA's mission is to continue and provide publishers with unique In-App Advertising Insights. This is becoming increasingly important in today's world”


Main findings:

Rewarded video seems to offer the highest eCPM in comparison to the in-app interstitials. The report also shows that Facebook leads the ad networks offering this ad type as far as impression volume goes. Having said that, unlike in the US. in non-US countries, Facebook doesn’t offer the most competitive eCPM amongst the leading networks.


Additionally, the report has a section dedicated to the top performing advertisers per ad type and platform. Ad-networks can clearly see which advertisers are buying aggressively for each ad format and platform, while publishers can gain valuable insight on which advertisers are a potential fit for direct deals per ad format and platform

The report also shows there are a few advertisers who repeatedly show up in the “top 10 advertiser list” across different ad formats and platforms.


Founded in 2012, SOOMLA leads the in-app advertising sphere. The company’s technology provides mobile app publishers insight into the revenue they are generating from advertising as well as critical visibility into what ads are placed in their app. The platform makes these insights accessible to customers specifically by tracking revenue per user, per segment, per cohort and per traffic source.  

SOOMLA is used by many of the top game publishers to make better monetization decisions.  For more information, visit SOOMLA