Kaataa magazine, unique in the European scene; a perfect combination of content, community and marketplace.

Posted Jul 11, 2019

Kaataa aims to become the first European online platform designed for millennials, dedicated to high-quality local food products and wines. 

‘’Our mission is to select bring to your table the best of European food and wine production. On you can find those producers who make the product their reason for living.’’ Paolo Berardi food and wine expert.

An actual community that develops a food and wine culture while sharing quality contents, in order to get into the privileged meeting point and marketplace for all those who love this sector. 

‘’Our expert team will produce contents focused and studied for the new generation of food lovers, that we know prefer to spend time online on websites which offer contents more than on just e-commerce sites’’ says Roberto Mesini co-founder ‘’we aim to become their meeting point, thanks to an active and actual community. Kaataa will eventually give the chance to directly and easily buy the best European food products from the producers.’’ 

A virtual meeting place that closes distances and offers the opportunity to discover quality products from far-off places through the language of social media.