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Covergirl's conversational tweets deliver instant access to exclusive content

Procter & Gamble's Covergirl made use of Twitter?s new conversational ads during the Grammys, prompting fans of singer and actress Zendaya to share a tweet for exclusive information about her look. 

The cosmetics manufacturer targeted users during the music awards show, amplifying its new campaign with Zendaya through the interactive and automated Twitter activation. Users who shared a brand-manufactured post through a button on a tweet from Covergirl were replied to by the brand with a link to a Tumblr page with more information about the products used to create the makeup look. 

?Giving Twitter users the ability to share a tweet that has an instant action of interest to a direct demographic is the way social media should be used in advertising/marketing campaigns,? said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. ?Digital is the way to reach the right demographic in order to collect important data that grows a brand?s reach and personal relationships with the consumers. 

?Marketing and advertising teams need to pay close attention to the end result of each campaign when using Twitter and all other social media outlets to ensure their consumers both new and loyal are seeing and using the best experience possible,? she said. 

Covergirl tweets
Twitter announced its new version of a promoted tweet back in January, allowing advertisers to create call-to-action content with which users simply press a link on a promoted post to share a brand-created tweet. 

Covergirl leveraged the new advertising tool to connect with Grammys and Zendaya fans during the awards show, coinciding with the launch of the performer's new television spot. The promoted tweet read [email protected]: welcome to the Covergirl family, now learn how to get #ZendayasMakeup,? and included an image of her along with the conversation ad button labeled ?tweet #ZendayasMakeup.?

The tweet composer page opens upon clicking, with a drafted tweet which reads [email protected], I want to get #ZendayasMakeup look, #GetThatGlam.? Users who shared the post immediately received a tweet from the brand with a link to a Tumblr page which lists the products used in the various makeup looks. 

The brand also launched a social media contest last month, which recently resulted in a winner getting to meet the new spokeswoman. Covergirl also shared the television spot on YouTube with a link to all the products available used in the ad. 

Procter & Gamble promotion
Last year, Covergirl leveraged Twitter?s original Promoted Tweets during the broadcast of the Grammy Awards show, referencing E! Network?s Red Carpet coverage and showcasing the brand's cat-eye inspired eyeliner Perfect Point Plus (see more).

Procter & Gamble also paired the lure of a YouTube star with mobile coupons, laying down a clear path from content consumption to product purchase for Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash (see more). 

?Covergirl is taking a thoughtful approach in reaching and connecting with their consumers and fans by giving them a useful way to gain insight to an action without effort,? Ms. Troutman said. ?Automatic and instant replies to a tweet or other social media campaign absolutely drive more effective traffic that goes even further than just a brief look and pass.?