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Dove celebrates 60th anniversary of iconic product with a social campaign

Unilever property Dove is ringing in the 60th anniversary of its Beauty Bar by encouraging women across social media channels to champion their own definitions of beauty.

The campaign is built around the hashtag #RaisetheBeautyBar, and is active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Dove has also released a new mobile-optimized video to commemorate the occasion, a retrospective of iconic beauty moments and the Dove brand?s heritage of featuring real women in its ads and caring for their skin. 

??Women have always been our inspiration,? said Nick Soukas, vice president of marketing for Dove. ?Since we launched the Dove Beauty Bar in 1957, we have been wholly committed to providing superior care to all women and to showing real women and real beauty in our advertising from the start.?

Dove is encouraging women to pledge how they will redefine beauty for themselves, for the girls in their lives, or our society at large. According to Dove, ?a #RaisetheBeautyBar pledge might mean embracing your curves, expressing your real beauty and body confidence around the girls in your life, or caring for yourself and others.?

Also, for a limited time in January and February the Dove Beauty Bar will be engraved with the word ?care,? which will replace the Dove logo typically found on the product. 

The social campaign has entertained a soft rollout on Twitter so far, and it seems that the brand has recruited a few of the influencers it has aligned with in the past to help get things moving.

One example would be singer Jordin Sparks, who both Tweeted and dedicated a lengthy Instagram post in support of the campaign. 

Other influencers posting about the campaign include Talk to Jess CEO Jess Weiner and beauty blogger Kendra Murrell.

Beauty sector
The beauty and personal care sectors have been making a number of serious movies in the first few weeks of the new year. While not a direct competitor, Dove would do well to keep an eye on L'Oréal Paris? new omnichannel campaign, which features a similarly diverse outlook which champions the unique mosaic of American beauty and encapsulates the brand?s memorable slogan, ?You?re worth it? (see story). 

And French label YSL Beauty is introducing its latest face via a recorded round of Truth or Dare, featuring a short film that stars Instagram-famous model Staz Lindes being prompted by an off-screen male voice to reveal facts about herself or take on challenges (see story). 

?Together with generations of women, Dove has helped widen the definition of beauty, but there?s always more work to be done,? Mr. Soukas said. ?We remain committed to redefining beauty, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating what makes women unique for the next 60 years. 

"We hope women everywhere will continue to #RaisetheBeautyBar with us by sharing on social media how they will redefine beauty.?